Veron Afdeling Waterland



Welkom op de homepage van de Veron afdeling Waterland met de clubcall PI4WLD.
Kijk rustig rond en als je vragen hebt of iets anders aan ons kwijt wilt e-mail ons dan gerust.



Welcome to the Veron afdeling Waterland homepage. We are a Ham Amateur Club from The Netherlands.
It's an area just above Amsterdam and around the city of Purmerend. In this area you'll find Edam, Volendam and many other smaller villages.(see detailled map)
Our clubcall is PI4WLD. Try and work our members and get enough points to apply for our Waterland Award.

If you like more information on PI4WLD just look around. Most of it however is in Dutch. Need any more info just e-mail us.